La filiera chiusa: una scelta di qualitร  dal 1874

The closed supply chain: a quality choice since 1874

Almost 150 years ago, the Clarici Agricultural Company was founded on an intuition: to achieve absolute quality, one must be the only protagonist of the entire production process of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from the olive grove to the bottle.

A revolutionary path, traveled by Pietro and Domenico Clarici a few good decades before the "closed supply chain" became one of those fashion expressions that marketing managers like so much.

Five generations later we support that choice with conviction, and in a world where olive growers and millers are almost always clearly distinct figures, we continue to follow all the processing from A to Z: in our oil mill in Via Garibaldi since 1874 only the organic olives harvested arrive from the 25,000 plants we grow personally. Nothing more.

This allows us to guarantee that every single bottle is produced in full compliance with our quality standards and the regulations of Organic Agriculture, but also to perfectly calculate the harvesting and processing times to offer you the best extra virgin olive oil possible.

Furthermore, by bringing back to our land what are commonly considered processing "waste" - pomace and vegetation waters, rich in nutrients - we close a production cycle that is completely internal to the company and with a very low environmental impact.

In short, together with nature we are the only ones responsible for the entire seasonal result, and that is why the availability and prices of our oil may vary from year to year. Or even that particularly difficult seasons, such as the infamous 2014, prevent us from producing altogether.

This is what makes us unique, and it is also the guarantee that we do not use shortcuts. Since 1874.

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Passione, tradizione e alta qualitรก! Complimenti!


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